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Falcon Global Security seeks to create and foster an environment wherein our clients’ every investigative, security and compliance needs are met with a detailed and practical strategy. A strategy that alleviates and mitigates every day and recurring risks by matching our personnel and capabilities to the overall fundamental needs and requirements of our clients.​ ​


Falcon Global Security will assess our clients’ needs and requirements and provide the appropriate level of investigative and security services. We analyze market factors, outlining preferred strategies, and executing tactics based on identified risks, available resources, and organizational priorities. If the need or requirement falls outside of our scope of expertise, we can partner with our vast alliance network of retired and former law-enforcement and Intelligence Community subject matter experts to complete the mission. ​ ​


With our global reach, our investigator can conduct asset searches and locations in almost every corner of the world.


​ Our background checks include financial history, previous employment, previous residences, and criminal history. We also specialize in social media searches for additional background information. We conduct a thorough and efficient investigation that leaves no stone unturned. ​ ​ ​



We assist private business and nonprofit community leaders, counsel, security managers and other professionals and groups in assessing, correcting and mitigating risk by providing business intelligence and systems integration support in the form of a “Business Best Practices” Strategy



Our experienced investigators have many years of experience conducting covert surveillance. A few uses of our discrete surveillance could be to catch a cheater, verify drug use, or establish child custody.



Before you hire a new employee or sign a lease with a new tenet, it is wise to know a more about them than the information discovered in just an interview.



We offer many more services, so be sure to check out our PI or Security page under the 'Services' tab to learn more.

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